March 17, 2019

The Approach to God

 Pre-Service Music                


*Congregational Greeting

Prayer of Confession

Words of Assurance and Law of God  

 (Children age 3-2nd grade released to Children & Worship)

The Word of God


 Scripture:                                  Proverbs 8:13; 11:2; 16:18

Message:                               “A Legend in Your Own Mind”                                       

                                                       Pastor Rich

Prayer for Blessing                                        

The Response to the Word


*Doxology                      Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow                  -No. 382                                     

Offertory Prayer





 Pray for Our Pastor:  Please join us in room seven 10 minutes before each service to pray for our pastor and for his message to touch the hearts of those listening.

 March Calling Team:  Please call Bruce T and Julie L with any special concerns or requests.

March Mission of the Month: The Gideons International- All proceeds from this mission offering will be sent to the Gideons in loving memory of Paul Moerdyk.

Church Family: “To all of you, Dean and I would like to say how much we appreciate what you did that day when my sister went away to Heaven so suddenly.”  “You offered prayers, sent cards, and visited too.”  “You let your care surround us and we thank you.” ~ Dean and Marcia J

CONNECT Wednesday: The children will enjoy an ice cream social this week. The bible study will be, “Manna in the Wilderness.”

All Church Bowling Party: This Saturday, March 23 at Royal Scott Bowling Alley, 6:30-8:30 p.m. We hope to see you there!

 SHINE.FM Visits/ Soup Luncheon- Next Sunday, March 24!  We are excited to be chosen for SHINE.FM’s Church of the Week! On Monday, March 18, SHINE.FM will begin promoting our church on the radio and will continue to advertise our location and service time throughout the week.  On Sunday, March 24, they will join us here at ICRC to announce the winner of the “Outstanding Volunteer” award and prize which will be given to a member from our congregation. Pastor Rich’s pre-recorded interview will also air that morning during the Shine worship with Don and Daneli.  There will be a soup luncheon to follow in the FLC.  Don’t miss out on this exciting day!

Siloam Christian Church Please pray for their ministry to continue growing!

Your Leaders covet your fervent Prayer:

Pastor Rich, Immanuel leadership, and our ministry teams

Friends with Health Concerns

  Mark B, Howard J. C, Carol G,

                    Ronda H, Eleanor N, Sandi S

                                   Roland H and other Parkinson’s sufferers,

                                Joy V, Marian P, Sandy F,

                           Joe C, and June Black for continued healing.

Save these Dates:

                                             Spiritual Growth Meeting- March 25

                                                Painting with Sandi- March 26

                                                      Men’s Study- March 26

                                                    Elder’s Meeting- April 2