October 6, 2019

The Approach to God

 Pre-Service Music               

*Songs                                        Church (Take Me Back)                        -Cochran/ Heber

                                               Holy, Holy, Holy, vs 4                                           -Dykes

*Congregational Greeting

Prayer of Confession

Words of Assurance and Law of God                                         

 The Word of God

*Songs                                            Good Good Father                                          -Tomlin

Message                                   Rev. Andrea DeWard         

Prayer for Blessing                       

 The Response to the Word

Mission of the Month


*Doxology                    Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow                    -No. 382                                     

Offertory Prayers

*Song                                                   Cornerstone                                             -Hillsong




October Calling Team:  Please call Marcia J, or Jennifer B with any special concerns or requests.

Flowers Today are Given By:  Don and Pat W in celebration of their 60th anniversary!

October Mission of the Month: CROP Hunger Walk.

 We are Planning a Fall Clean-up Day for Saturday October 12th. We are looking for everyone to join us at the church starting at 9 am. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided. There will be tasks for every age and ability. All the tools and supplies will be provided by the church. 

 CROP Hunger Walk is 1 Week Away:  When you walk in the CROP Hunger Walk, you are raising money to help fight hunger, but you are also walking in solidarity with all of those people around the world who walk for food, water, and firewood each day.  We now have 31 plus Walkers participating from our congregation.  There is still a week left to sign up. To become a Walker or a Sponsor, please see Marcia J.  The CROP Hunger Walk is truly about us fighting hunger in many ways throughout the world! Come walk with us!

 Both Senior High and Junior High will be Participating in the CROP Walk on October 13th. We will provide lunch following Sunday School and then head over to the starting point. There will be no Senior High meeting this evening.

 The Sign-Up Sheet for Thanksgiving Baskets is on the Bulletin Board in the FLC.  If you would like to purchase a basket for a family in need this Thanksgiving, please sign your name on this sheet and put down how many baskets you would like to provide.  The cost of each basket is $40, and the deadline to sign up is today! Any Questions, please contact Joe E.

If You Would Like to Attend a Concert at South Church on Friday, November 1, at 7:00pm, Please let Sheryl E Know.  The deadline to purchase tickets is Oct. 27, the cost is $12.00.  The Whisnants and The Mark Trammell Quartet will be performing.  

Your Leaders covet your fervent Prayer:

Pastor Rich, Immanuel leadership, and our ministry teams

              Friends with Health Concerns

 Gary A, Mark B, Joe C,

    Howard J. C, Sandy F, Carol G,

    Ronda , Roland H and other Parkinson’s sufferers,

Julie L, Eleanor N, Marian P,

          Sandi S, and Joy V for continued healing.

Save the Dates

                                    October 20- Soup Luncheon/ Sr. High Fall Outing

                              October 22- Painting Classes in the Choir Room

                                                October 22- Men’s Study

                                 October 30- CONNECT Pumpkin Carnival

                                               November 1-3- Cran-Hill

                                        November 5- Consistory Meeting