August 12, 2018

The Approach to God

Pre-Service Music 

 Invitation to Worship

*Song                                     You are Good                                     -Houghton

*Congregational Greeting

Prayer of Confession

Words of Assurance and Law of God 

  (Children age 3-2nd grade released to Children & Worship)                   

The Word of God

*Songs                                                     Days of Elijah                                         -Mark

                                                I Give You My Heart                                -Morgan

Scripture                                       John 6: 35, 41-51

Message                                          “Bread to Eat”

                                                          Pastor Rich

Prayer for Blessing

The Response to the Word


Doxology                  Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow        No. 382

Offertory Prayer 

*Song                                           I Wanna be Washed                      





 August Calling Team:  Please call Tod VW and Brian W. with any special concerns or requests.

Flowers are provided by Ann H. in memory of her husband, Ed.

August Mission of the Month….El Ayundante.  This organization was our host in 2014 when our group went to Honduras for mission work. They focus on meeting the needs around them such as clean water, housing, and now have a medical, dental, and optical clinic on site!

Summer  CONNECT:  Our next CONNECT night will August 22, with a Carnival Theme.   If you would like to help in the fun, please see Linda B., Carrie B., Katie S. or Julie L..  

NEWSLETTER  Only 9 days away!  Yes, it is time to think about September: due to timely needs, the newsletter will be in your boxes on August 26. We need any updates, committees/choir notices, event dates/details, Sunday School/Bible Class and CONNECT schedules, etc., by Tuesday, Aug. 21.  Please be thinking ahead! 

Mark your calendars! The proposed start date for Sunday School will be on Sunday, September 23.  You and your children could be talking to their friends’ families about joining you for that special Sunday, and any other after that.  We look forward to sharing Jesus with you even more.

 Crop Walk Date:  Looking toward the fall, put this special date on your calendar for a great cause.  If you have done this for several years, they have shortened the walk this year and changed it a bit so that it gives it a fresher feel.  Check out the oversized flyer on the bulletin board at the top of the stairs. Let’s walk and work together for the Lord’s underprivileged.

Siloam Christian Church They will be having another BIG celebration here with their Grand Rapids sister congregation on Saturday, Sept. 8th.  Please pray for their fellowship to be joyous and their ministry to continue growing!           

August Mission of the Month:  El Ayundante, Honduras

Friends with Health Concerns:

Mark Black, Howard J. Church , Carol Geer,

Rhonda Holleman, Eleanor Nederveld, Sandi Shults

 Roland Hubbert and other Parkinson’s sufferers

Michael Stokes (A. Williams’ Uncle) –Cancer/Salvation!

Vicki Bennett – angioplasty recovery



SUMMER CONNECT, 6:30 p.m  - August 22

Church Picnic – August 26 (Please sign up in the F.L.C.)

Siloam Nepali Christian Celebration – September 8

Prayer Reprise Sermons – September Sundays

Sunday School Resumes – September 23

      *Prayer Line 517-321-2495, ext. 191*

      WiFi:  ICRC ;  password is goodwithG0d