April 22, 2018

- Church on 15th Cancelled due to Ice Storm-

The Approach to God

Pre-Service Music      

Invitation to Worship

*Song              All Creatures of Our God and King/Sing Alleluia  -St. Francis


*Congregational Greeting

 Prayer of Confession Lord’sPrayer                                                                                                          

Words of Assurance and Law of God 

  (Children age 3-2nd grade released to Children & Worship)

The Word of God

*Songs                       One True God/Good, Good Father   -Harris/Clark,Barrett

Scripture                                     Luke 11:1

Message                           “A Beginner’s Guide to Prayer ” 

                                                    Pastor Rich

Prayer for Blessing

*Solo:  J. Leese                        I Get On My Knees                 -J. Valasquez                                                 

  The Response to the Word


            (Mission of the Month Received)               

*Doxology                  Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow         No. 382                             

Offertory Prayer 

*Song                                   This is Amazing Grace                 -Riddle/Wickham     



 Please Join us in Praying for:

Mission of the Month:    Sunny Crest Youth Ranch

Pastor Rich, Staff, and Immanuel leadership and ministry teams

Members with Health Concerns:

Vicki B., Howard J. C. , Sandy F., Carol G.,  Sandy C.

Andre Holmes (6 Yrs old w/Christine Larsson) Roland H.,  Marcia J., Eleanor N., Sandi S

Linda H. – Continuation of Effective Treatments

Michael S. (Ashlee. W. Uncle) –  Cancer/Salvation!

Save these Dates:

CONNECT Indy Races - April 25

Rummage Sale – Saturday, May 5

CONNECT Kids – May 23

Houston Mission Trip – July 7-14

Alger, MI Mission Trip – July 26-29

All Church Campout - August 4-11

Church Picnic – August 26


April Consistory Calling Team:  If you need assistance in any way, please call either Tod VW.. or Brian W..  Thank you to all who minister along with Pastor and Anthony!

Flowers for church:  Julie L. is honoring the memory her Dad's Birthday today.

40 Days of Prayer:  We have begun our group work to grow in understanding and utilizing prayer/talking with God!  Whenever  your group meets, commit to be thereBe committed to attend Sunday morning’s worship with your gold book!

April Mission of the Month: The offering for Sunny Crest Youth Ranch will be taken today.  If you haven't had a chance to pray about it yet, we will still receive offerings through the month.

CONNECT this Weds.  Dinner is at 5:30, with Children's, Jr. & Sr. High activities following.  REMEMBER our upcoming “Indy 500” is on April 25th .  CHOIR is off for the month of April.

CHILDREN AT THE TABLE is a class for parents interested in having their children take communion.  It will be the adult class held this Weds., the 11th. Just talk to Pastor and he’ll have materials ready for you all.

Closet Cleaning:  In preparation for the May 5 rummage sale, we are doing some spring cleaning at the church. The contents in the closet downstairs across from the boiler room will be emptied on Sunday, April 29 at noon after Bible class. All Team leads and others with items in the closet should plan to come after church to claim items.  Unclaimed items will either be donated to the rummage sale or thrown out.

Mom2Mom Sale:  On Saturday, April 21, from 9AM-1PM,  there is a Mom2Mom Sale at Lansing Christian School.  I will be selling new items from Sara's Trade School in Honduras.  I will also have whole bean and ground Honduran coffee for sale.  Hope to see you there. Sheryl E.

Tween Moms:  MASTERPIECE WORLD TOUR  Check it out at www.secretkeepergirl.com to find out why “one of the most life-changing events we’ve ever done together” is being repeated by moms and daughters across the country. April 26th at the Naz in Brighton, MI. Worth the drive! You can also find out more about Dannah Gresh at purefreedom.com

FELLOWSHIP:  Check out the site for the August Family Camp Trip and register your spot with this WINTER phone number (785-220-4913).  It looks like a beautiful spot!  Come & have FUN getting to know your ICRC family!

Siloam Christian Church will be celebrating Chandra, their leader’s ordination as a deacon on April 29th.  Watch for details on this.