March 4, 2018

Pre-Service Music                     

Invitation to Worship

*Congregational Greeting

*Song                                          Holy Spirit                                       -Walker-Smith

Responsive Prayer of Confession

Songs                                              I Surrender                                           -Hillsong

Words of Assurance and Law of God 

 (Children age 3-2nd grade released to Children & Worship)

The Word of God

*Song                                                     Hosanna                               - Baloche                                          

Scripture                                            Habakkuk 2:1-4

 Message                                      Divine Communication

                                                            Pastor Rich

Prayer for Blessing

The Response to the Word

Mission of the Month


*Doxology                  Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow         No. 382                             

Offertory Prayer

Commissioning of Youth For Genesis

*Song                                                We Believe                                    -Newsboys


 Please Join us in Praying for:

Mission of the Month:    Forgotten Man Ministries

Pastor Rich, Staff, and Immanuel leadership and ministry teams

Members with Health Concerns:

Vicki B., Howard J. C. , Sandy F., Carol G.,  Sandy C.

Roland H.,  Marcia J., Eleanor N.

Linda H. – wisdom for treatments; relief

James S. –  foot treatments and healing

Paul M. – decisions regarding stroke care

Save these Dates:

SOUP Lunch – Sunday, March 18

Game Night - Saturday, March 24

Passover Seder – Thursday, March 29

Easter Celebration – Sunday, April 1

Rummage Sale – Saturday, May 5


March Consistory Calling Team:  If you need assistance in any way, please call either Fred H. or Bruce T.H..  Thanks to all who minister along with Pastor and Anthony!

Flowers are provided by the Leese Family in honor of Christian's 3rd birthday! 

CONNECT:  Dinner at 5:30, with Children's, Jr. High and Adult classes following.  There are also Sr. High youth who come to have an extra time to hang out, if your youth would like to join in.

PASSOVER SEDER:  We will have a dinner/Seder for our Maundy Thursday celebration.  There is a sign up sheet in the Family Life Center.  Please indicate if you will be willing to make a recipe for the meal.  Like last year, recipes will be provided.  Talk to Darla if you have any questions about the meal preparations.

Church WiFi:  Our new network name is ICRC and the password is goodwithG0d.

It is case sensitive; the “0” in “God” is the number zero.

CHOIR:  We will resume rehearsals on Weds., March 14, 8 p.m.

FELLOWSHIP:  March 24, 6:30 p.m. Another fun game night.  Make sure to plan on coming with your snack and drink.  Laughter and fun will most certainly abound! You can sign up in the Family Life Center.

 Also, check out the site for the August Family Camp Trip ( and register your spot with this WINTER phone number (785-220-4913).  It looks like a beautiful spot!  Take advantage of these times to get to know your ICRC family!

Siloam Christian Church is so grateful to have a place of worship and prayer. This is truly a ministry of God to the Kingdom of our Lord.

 Compassion Sponsorship:  Please pray for our young friend from Bangladesh,“Z”. Any donations you can make can be placed in the offering with a memo for his care.  What we do in supporting him matters to his whole family and his whole community!