September 3, 2017

Prayer Corner:

Pastor Rich, Staff, and Immanuel leadership and ministry teams

Words of Hope – September Mission of the Month

Vicki B. – health concerns

Mark B. – health concerns

Howard J. C. – health concerns

Paul H. – health concerns

Linda H. – health concerns

Roland H. – health concerns

Eleanor N. – health concerns

Sandi S. - health concerns

Sandy F. – rehabilitation work

Carol G. – healing after treatments


The Consistory Calling Team for September is to be decided at this week's meeting.  Please call the office if you have need to talk to one of them, and we will have your information.

The Flowers are provided by Sandy C. in remembrance of Mother and Sarah.

Our September Mission of the month will be a worthy repeat of December’s Words of Hope.  The FLC M.O.M. bulletin board keeps updated emails from Jon Opgenorth, and powerful stories they are.  See for more.

Our August Mission of the Month was Love Clothing Center.  We have raised $951.00.  We have two volunteers. We have collected almost 400 articles of clothing. We are continuing to collect clothing for a few more weeks.  Thanks to all who have contributed.   Ask Carrie B. or Linda B for Details.  Thank you for your generosity!

Sunday School/Bible Class:    PLEASE sign your children/youth’s names on the FLC bulletin board so we can plan for the Fall Semester of our studies. Thank you!

Siloam Church:  Our Nepalese Brethren will begin worshipping at ICRC NEXT WEEK, September 10th, 12:00p.m.  Let’s praise God for this new opportunity for both Families of Faith!

Connect Program will be resuming on Weds., Sept. 20th.  Dinner is 5:30 p.m. with Jr. High Youth, Children's Ministry and Pastor’s study in ACTS following.  This year, our children's ministry will reach from 3 yrs - 5th grade.  We are expanding it to have speakers, sports activities, Bible Time and LOADS of fun.  Please invite neighbors, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.  Weds. will be the night they are waiting in the car for you!

Backpack Ministry:  We have our first delivery coming soon on Sept. 20th.  Anyone willing to help stock shelves, please call Deb McCort or Vivienne Merriott. One family every month would do it!  Thanks for making this community ministry continue!

Save these Dates:

Sept. 17th  Sr. High Youth

Sept. 20th  Connect Program

-CROP Walk:  October 8   (start walking this summer and you’ll be ready!)

-Fall Church CleanUp:  Mid/Late October.  Watch for Details

-Hannah's House, October 28  Dessert Night/Silent Auction