November 26, 2017

The Approach to God   

Pre-Service Music                    

Invitation to Worship

*Congregational Greeting

*Song                                             Holy Is the Lord                           -Tomlin/Giglio

Confession Song                         God So Loved the World                         -Stainer

Words of Assurance and Law of God    

 (Children age 3-2nd grade released to Children & Worship)

The Word of God

*Song                                        Help Me Find It                              Sidewalk Prophets

Scripture                                       Mark 12:28-37

Message                                 "The Nagging Question”

                                                        Pastor Rich

Prayer for Blessing

The Response to the Word

 Moment for Ministry 


*Doxology                  Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow   No. 382                                   

Offertory Prayer 

*Song                                      We Praise Thee, O God                         -Cory/Kremser

                                                                                                                          No. 334


*Those who are able are invited to stand.                            

Hymns projected by permission of CCLI #95502

Mission of the Month:

TRIAD – No Senior without a CHRISTmas:   350 boxes filled with daily necessities and specially made gifts for Christmas; delivered by Fire/Law Enforcement to Ingham, Eaton and Clinton County Elderly.  December will be ICRC Camp Grants.

 Please Join us in Praying for:

Pastor Rich, Staff, and Immanuel leadership and ministry teams

Members with Health Concerns:  Vicki B.,  Mark B.,  Howard C.

Carol G.,  Roland H.,  Eleanor N.,  Sandi S.

 Paul H.:   hospice care at home. 

Linda H. Rehabilitation after knee surgery

Save these Dates:

Christmas Decorating – THIS Weds., November 29

CONNECT Christmas Party – Weds., December 6

Christmas Program/Brunch – Sunday, December 17

Christmas Eve Morning and Evening (6p.m.) Worship – Sunday, Dec. 24


November Consistory Calling Team: Fred Hannula (321-2345) and Bruce Ter Haar (898-7306). December is Tod Van Wieren and Brian Williams.

Today’s Flowers are provided by the Stantons in memory of their brother, William Heeke.

CONNECT:  The Children have made “stained glass” decorations for our Christmas decorating party this Weds., Nov. 29th.  Plan to join in the joy of making the Christmas beauty all come to life!   Dinner is 5:30 p.m and the decorating will follow. We have had GREAT attendance and fellowship in all ages.  Choir will resume December 6!

Mission of the Month:  Today is the last day for sharing a gift through our offering with No Senior without a CHRISTmas program.  Thank you for blessing them!

Compassion Sponsorship:  Check out the bulletin board by the boxes!  Our Immanuel children celebrated “Z”s Birthday at Connect.  They made birthday cards and decorated cupcakes in his honor, along with taking pictures to send to him!  Your donations come alongside their excitement and keep “Z” clothed, enjoying a warm meal and going to school. Your donations are welcome …and the children would be blessed to see some new faces in their room, if you have not seen it down there yet!

DIRECTORY UPDATES:  Thank you for those changes that are trickling in to the office. When we need to connect with you, it is frustrating to find we are missing information or have outdated information.  Please keep emailing/calling with new information.  We even have duplicate emails and need to know which is best to use.   Please look at the present directory and check out your listing there.  Thank you!

From Kate Breukink: I am applying to spend next year abroad. Part of my application is finding a few families willing to host here.  This opportunity to host an international student may be the light of Jesus that is carried back to their country! If you are interested in information, please ask me or call my parents.  You will need to have a spare bedroom for the student and will have a background check conducted.

Siloam Church:  Our Brothers and Sisters have been blessed to be here and so very thankful for our openness to welcome them.