October 22, 2017

Please Join us in Praying for:

Pastor Rich, Staff, and Immanuel leadership and ministry teams

City Rescue – October Mission of the Month

Members with Health Concerns:

Vicki B.,  Mark B.,  Howard J. C., Paul H.,  Linda H.,

Roland H.,  Eleanor N.,  Carol G. 

 Save these Dates:

Pumpkin Carnival – October 25

Summer Mission Report/Soup Lunch – October 29

Cran Hill Jr./Sr. High Fall Retreat: November 3-5

Communion Celebration - November 12

Spaghetti Dinner/Auction – November 18

Thanksgiving Baskets - November 19


Consistory Calling Team for October: Jennifer B.  and Michelle C. .

Today’s Flowers are provided by Kathe L. in memory of her lovng Randy.

Our October Mission of the Month is the City Rescue Mission.  We just posted their updated newsletter to the M.O.M bulletin board. You have today and next week when we will receive your gifts for this mission.

Siloam Church:  Our Brothers and Sisters have been blessed to be here and so very thankful for our openness to welcome them.

CONNECT:  We meet Weds.:  dinner is 5:30 p.m; Jr. High Youth, Children's Ministry, and Pastor’s ACTS study follows. We have had good attendance in all ages.  Come to join the fellowship and lively discussions.

Phone Numbers:  Please contact Brian W. and Ashlee W. at the cell numbers.  The landline can be removed from your directory.

UPDATES:  We will be running the new directory in a couple months.  Please contact the office with any new information for you, whether email or phone changes.  We have duplicate emails for some and need to know which is best to use.  And with your adult children – if they would like to be listed as “Friends of Immanuel”, or as their own listing, please let us know.  Thank you.

NEWSLETTER:  Reminder that Tuesday is the last day to send in articles or news to be included.  Newsletters will be in the boxes next Sunday.  Thanks.