Why Pray?

One of our most common activities as Christians is to talk to God. Whether we are expressing concerns, laments, or joy we often spend time telling those things to God.

But why? If God already knows everything why bother repeating to Him what he already knows? And what good does it do anyways? It’s not as if our petitions could or should sway God’s master plan, right?

These are questions that can be difficult to answer for young Christians. It is much easier to understand the discipline of prayer than it is to understand the fuller implications of prayer, especially for children and young people. Because of this our foundational teachings on the topic often consist of relational ideas and simple disciplines that are easy to grasp. This helps us enter into a relationship with God without having to fully understand of the the theological implications of our actions.

But why doesn’t God answer some of our prayers? And why doesn’t He just talk back to me in an audible voice? And am I even allowed to ask these questions?

These are questions for which young Christians need an answer. Whether they find their answer from within the church or from another source, they will find answers and where they find those answers could have a profound impact on their faith.

The simple answer the world has to offer is this: God is not there. He is not listening nor is he answering your prayers because He does not exist. Sometimes, especially as a young Christian who has had few experiences with God’s intervention into their lives, this is a hard answer to refute. The idea that there is no God and our parents and grandparents have simply been talking to the ceiling their entire lives is becoming more and more prevalent. Fortunately, there is a better answer than the world has to offer.

This month’s focus of The Well (ICRC’s Young Adult Ministry) is to look at why we pray and how we can have confidence that God is listening and working in our lives. We’ll take time examining what scripture has to say about prayer and what a healthy and meaningful prayer life looks like. We will look to find answers to those difficult questions and take that next step into a fuller, more meaningful relationship with God.